The Gallery Coordinator goes to New York

This past weekend, I finally had time, with the help of VCU’s reading days, to get to New York again. First time this year…it’s been too long. Aside from the craziness that is MOMA Free Fridays (sponsored by Target), it was a great trip.
So, that means I have a few things to report on:
1. Get thee to Barry Friedman, Ltd. on W. 26th Street. Akio Takamori. So, so good. The show, “Alice/Venus,” includes about a dozen of Takamori’s beautiful stoneware figurative pieces.
2. Even thought weather was cold and dreary, my group walked the Highline. Inspired bit of public space! It was a bit to cold to enjoy the chaises on rail car wheels, but the scenery was lovely.
3. The cold and dreary-ness (see #2) made for good hot chocolate/hot tea drinking. We popped by the Roebling Tea Company in Brooklyn for the Moon Pie (think cocoa and mint- yum!).
4. I have it on good authority (read: from A. Kistler, director of the Anderson Gallery) that Sally Mann’s show at Gagosian uptown is splendid and powerful.
5. William Blake AND Maurice Sendak at the Morgan Library. Need I say more.
6. Spotted Chris Carroll, former Gallery employee, and Ryan McLennan, who has a show up now at Joshua Liner, in Chelsea.


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