It took six of us to get the spiral staircase down. Which was far fewer than it took to get it up. That thing was super heavy and there were some tense moments. But with the aid of a packing blanket, the staircase was down in a matter of minutes. Phew. There is a lot of nervous laughter and deep breathing after those kinds of activities. But the staircase is down, no one was hurt, and there was no major damage to the Gallery’s walls.

All of Francis Cape’s work is packed up and in crates, awaiting the journey back to New York State. And Amy’s sculpture made it out of the building in no time flat. Although getting the individual table pieces back into the crates seemed a bit like putting a really big, heavy jigsaw puzzle together.

Now’s our chance to attend to the details: checking to make sure all the lights are functioning, labeling breakers, and organizing storage spaces.

There will be lots of painting and spackling for the next few days.

Oh, and I forgot. Cake! Multi-talented Amy Hauft left us the most gorgeous homemade chocolate-vanilla swirl cake with mocha frosting and raspberries. It’s not often that an exhibiting artist brings us baked goods. A total treat. It was amazing! Thanks, Amy!

Me with the gorgeous cake Amy Hauft left for us on Monday. The photo was taken by Michael Lease.


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