Weaving in process


Behind the Scenes: Siemon Allen at work

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It’s installation time again here at the Anderson Gallery! This fall, Siemon Allen will be filling all 3 floors of the AG with his collection projects. For the past decade, Allen, a South African artist and VCU professor, has been accumulating mass-produced materials—tens of thousands of postage stamps, thousands of newspaper pages, and hundreds of record albums (along with the music that is on them). He then catalogues and organizes the objects, eventually creating expansive installations. More on that to come.

Also included in the exhibition is one of his woven pieces. (Allen considers these woven pieces to be precursors to his collection projects.) Over the past week, we’ve been documenting the weaving process with a camera set up by Michael. Images are taken every 20 minutes or so.

To see the finished work, join us at the opening reception for Imaging South Africa: Collection Projects by Siemon Allen on Friday, August 27, 6-9 pm. It’s free and open to the public.