Summer Sparkle!

Being a part of VCU means that we tend to move with the same ebb and flow as the university tide. When the students are busy, so are we: beginnings of the semester, during finals, etc. So, as you can imagine, summers around here can have a  much different vibe that the rest of the year– more laid back.

Well, this year, there’s going to be some summer sparkle. Like normal, we’ll have one show up throughout the summer from May 26 – August 1. Knock, Knock! From the collection of Paul and Sara Monroe will present work that, in various thought-provoking ways, deals with the figure or human presence. The exhibition will feature work by both established and emerging artists, including Robert Gober, Jack Pierson, Kiki Smith, Theaster Gates, Jessica Hutchins and Jeni Spota.

But this year, the Gallery will host a series of Wednesday night events– Happy Hours– from 5-7 pm in June and July. There will be gallery talks, music, workshops, and all manner of interesting things to do. Along with food and beverages, of course.

All the sparkle-filled details will appear soon. In the meantime, get your flip-flops ready, because summer’s coming!