Guy Ben Ner: At Home

Widely admired for his humorous, ingeniously inventive videos starring himself and his children, Israeli artist Guy Ben-Ner draws inspiration from literary classics, silent movies, documentaries, television sitcoms, survival shows, instructional videos, and Hollywood blockbusters. In his latest work, Soundtrack (2013), Ben-Ner borrows the soundtrack from a chaotic, eleven-minute scene in War of the Worlds, Steven Spielberg’s alien apocalypse, and pairs it with new footage shot in the kitchen of his Tel Aviv apartment, where family and friends enact a domestic drama. The exhibition also includes Stealing Beauty (2007), in which IKEA showrooms serve as settings for another family performance, and Treehouse Kit (2005), an interpretation of the classic castaway tale, Robinson Crusoe, featuring a large-scale sculpture with video projection. Combining the comedic with philosophical insight, Ben-Ner considers the relationship between family life and art-making, social responsibility and individual desire.



While Jack Wax is well known as a sculptor who uses glass to make contemplative abstract works, this exhibition surveys his drawings, a parallel activity and means of artistic discovery begun eight years or so ago. Like many of Wax’s sculptures, his drawings reveal a preoccupation with imbrication—that is, the overlapping of elements seen, for example, in roof tiles or fish scales. This term applies not only to his rendering of pattern and form, but also to the overlap of ideas and sources of inspiration that fuel his work. It extends as well to the exhibition’s method of presentation. Two walls of the artist’s studio, chockfull of layered drawings, sculptural components, and found objects, will be transposed to the gallery for the exhibition, appearing in tandem with a formal presentation of his large-scale drawings. Jack Wax is Professor in the VCUarts Department of Craft/Material Studies, where he heads the glass program.

Both exhibitions continue through August 3.


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